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When the prohibition took place, all of Equestria's cider pubs shut down, at least to the public eye. Instead of performing in the pubs, Octavia now bootlegs cider to speak easies.

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Nov 10 '12

Everything… My life was torn apart with the prohibition. The shreds of what remained were incinerated by the criminal underworld.

I’m guessing this isn’t real, on account that I was holding my bow a moment ago. Hell if I care. The weight of the mafia still weighs on my conscious, and assuming I haven’t died yet, that’s still very real. Here I’ve been given the chance to do something about it.

Maybe when this is over, I’ll take Vinyl to a bar. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

((Questions by soulsq3, infinite-scratch, askmiel, and JustAskTrenderman. Also, gif of page 4 available here))

((Also, if you want to see other artwork by me, be sure to check out my art blog!))

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